JiveTransact as payment gateway which allows you to make transactions through airtime requires of you to top up your account before any transaction can processed. If you haven't done that, you can click eWallet on JiveTransact to top up your JiveCredits :)

How To Top Up Your JiveTransact Account
When logged in its very easy for you to top up your account.
1. Airtime Transfer From the eCash Wallet, you are to input the amount and your share and sell pin if you made use of an MTN number during registration, or Easy share pin if you're used a Glo number during registration.
1. Recharge Card Pins From the eCash Wallet, you are to input the recharge card pin and select the network carrier of your registered mobile number.
2. After inputting them, click on Get Credit and follow the instructions on the next page.
3. Then login again to confirm payment made

How To Top Up Your Mobile Phone
The second input gets you to recharge your mobile phone.
1. Input the amount and click on Recharge Phone button
2. You are to confirm payment amount on the next page.
3. Payment would be processed and account would be credited within 10 minutes.

How To Payout and Withdraw Cash
The third input allows you to make payouts.
1. Firstly, input your payout amount and click on the Payout button.
2. Confirm payout amount on the next page.
3. Payout would be processed an registered Bank account credited within 24hrs.

More on How To
On the navigable sections.
Market - Allows you to Meet Marketers in the Market Place - As a merchant, profile must be edited to display list of goods and services to anyone on the market place.
Payment History - Check your Payments Made and possibly print them if need be for claims.
Services - All range of services on JiveTransact are listed under Services - Pay for any available services and save yourself the stress and hassles. Also you could make Payments of basic bills under Pay Bills.

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