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Deposit fees
Deposit to your JiveTransact account is free. However, there is a limit of 50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) daily deposit to your JiveTransact account daily using airtime. There is no set limit on deposit made with QuickTeller.

Payout by User
A transaction fee of 20% of your payout amount is applied to all transfers to any bank accounts. However, business accounts or payment gateways which gets verified are to pay a transaction fee of 100 for bank charges.

Processing Fee
When a payout is made, 10% is additionally being charged charged by the Payment Gateway per transaction for account to be processed, otherwise payment remains paused until the charge is made.

Payout through Agents/Registered Merchants
Withdrawing money from an agent location is charged at 15% to your JiveTransact account at the point of withdrawal. The agent does not charge any extra amount to the cash recipient.

Setup Fee
Merchants/Institutions who want to accept payment using JiveTransact must pay a setup fee before their account is activated. The fee is dependent on the scope and scale of the business and is discussed before the API is integrated.

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