About Us

JIVETRANSACT is a registered payment entity under KowoPay INC which deals with mobile money payments via payment airtime transfer, SMS validation system (SVS) and OTP. We are devoted towards the implementation of an easy and convenient mobile transactions all over Africa.

We are in affiliation with several payment institutions in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Togo and Cameroon operating various payment gateways such as MobileMoney, Interswitch, Share and Sell, QuickTeller, Voguepay, GTPay, WebPay etc. Our core competence is in easy, secure and efficient transactions; we assist in helping Africa go Cash-less.

Coupled with our partnering sub-merchant nationwide through KOWOPAY INC, We aim at getting every business man and women become more productive thereby maximising their passion through the Internet which will in turn enable them to thrive in their career in this global age. We have a track record of placing starters into top business hubs and arena's at all levels from skilled to un-skilled labour.

  • Remoulding a simplified payment gateway across Africa
  • Connecting Businesses by creating a dynamic E-Office across Africa
  • Rewarding Passion and Creativity through a work from anywhere policies across Africa

  • Easy and convenient payment of goods and services across all business locations
  • Implementing a Cash-less policy across all African Countries
  • Building great business entities from scratch and empowering great business ideas
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