You Run the Coding; We’ll Run the Integration and Payments

Our flexible, simple and robust server let you customize the payment experience that will enable us accept airtime as money from your customers. Whether a business needs one-time payments, recurring billing or escrow service, JiveTransact can cater to you can fit in here. We need programmers willing to developed a full stack of unified APIs and tools to power Nigerian and African businesses.

What we need from you:
Customized payment experience - JiveTransact offers a variety of products and solutions for accepting payments. You can choose the solution that is best for your requirements, whether your goal is to get up and running as quickly as possible or to develop a fully customized payment experience.
Easiest way to pay – depositing using airtime gives your customers the ability to deposit from anywhere at anytime.
Fast and seamless – the API can be seamlessly integrated into your website or mobile app. Your customers pay without leaving your website or mobile app.
Security – we do not accept credit cards nor do we "link" customers bank accounts to JiveTransact, we only payout to bank accounts. This enables us to focus on things what we can monitor and secure.

Interested in Developing with JiveTransact?

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