FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

What is JiveTransact?
JiveTransact gives you convenient access to an array of services including recharge card sells, recharge card purchase, bill payments, donations and state government payments, all bills can be paid through airtime! From DSTV bills, to HiTV bills, to PHCN bills and recharge that actually tops up your line. This is what JiveTransact brings to you. JiveTransact's services are available not only here at www.JiveTransact.com.ng, but also at our payment institutions, selected merchant locations, and via your bank’s internet banking portals.

How Airtime Payments Works?
Accepting airtime as money from your customers is easy with JiveTransact and can be integrated for a seamless payment experience across all devices. Customers pay with airtime transfer or QuickTeller transfer. You receive cash.
JiveTransact's payment suite allows your business to pay its customers. JiveTransact takes care of your payout process so you can focus on your business. It's just a flexible total solution.
Want to pay winning customers and affiliates simply and quickly? JiveTransact Payouts makes it easy. Through our Automated Payment Interface you can pay up to 50,000 per day.
Businesses who want to accept payment using JiveTransact will pay a one time setup fee before their account is activated.

Where can I access JiveTransact?
www.jivetransact.com.ng , Payment Gateways, Merchant locations and some banks’ internet banking portals. Basically, anywhere you see the JiveTransact logo.

How can I make payment?
You must have an account with us before you can make transactions via airtime transfer. Then user can top up their account using their registered phone number by transferring airtime to our designated phone numbers that match up with their mobile network or by login into the dashboard and inputting recharge card pins of the carrier network that matches with their registered JiveTransact number.
Our MTN payment number is: 07061243904
Our GLO payment number is: 09055433075
Our AIRTEL payment number is: 08086460626

How soon does my payment reflect to the organization?
Your payment is real time and the organization knows immediately.

How soon does my payment reflect to the individual?
Your payment is real time and the individual knows immediately.

Which cards can I pay with?
We accept payment through Debits Cards such as: Naira MasterCard, MasterCard, Verve Cards and Visa Cards.

Must I register before I can make a payment?
If purchasing a recharge, selling a recharge, or paying bills you are required to register, with this we would be able to conveniently track payments.

Must I register before I can request for payment?
If your portal insist or allows us as a payment gateway, then you are required to register.

Why should I register?
You can check records of your past payment and can request for a payback within 24 hours; where applied.

How do I get help and even more information?
Please send an email to [email protected] or call our contact center on 07061243904 and we would be glad to help.

What can JiveTransact do for me as a business?
With JiveTransact, you can also receive payments for you goods and services at www.JiveTransact.com by integrating us, Our payments gateways and merchant locations. Please send an email to [email protected] and we would guide you through the process.
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